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Handpicked Organic Pure Saffron, Instant Herbal Tea


Saffron. The golden elixir.
Ready to serve instant tea.

Unlike green teas, this rare organic golden elixir is an antioxidant that is a natural cleanser of body toxins, builds immunity against severe cold and runs into an encyclopedia of medicinal benefits, let aside its unmatched aroma and crimson hue. Click to refer to chart on benifits of Saffron.

A morning cup, evening tea or warm liquor after supper, can be mesmerizing. Unfortunately it remains the tea of the privileged and is only served upon guests of honor.

So no more messy intrusions of sachets that are processed and take away from the flavour of the real herb, aside of being merely a convenience, that reflects inversely on the dignity of your serving.

This amazing saffron in its pure and natural form comes from a family that has been tending this delicate plant for over 147 years, across 50 hectares of farm land in the Pulwama highlands of Kashmir.

Every flower is handpicked, left to dry naturally and then each of the 3 stigmas per flower is plucked and sorted tirelessly, virtually throughout the frozen winter months, while the valley remains cut off from the rest of the world.

Enjoy the privelege of it's servings.

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