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Haute Tibetan Boots Duklham, Dukaam (Royalty) in Pure Leather, Brocade & Rubber.


Till this date, crafted only for the royals, in stunning brocade workmanship of uppers in woollen/silk-like fabrics, with soles of yak/sheep leather. Wrap around belts that dramatize the look and hold the back-open uppers, up to the knee. If youve got attitude, youd have the world blown out. And why not. Handmade, hand dyed, these eco-loving boots defy the use of fuel, power and machine. Step out. Carbon free.

Lost inheritance, sustained by just 2-3 families in the crevices of the mountainous terrains of the eastern Himalayas, this art form that once flourished for the royals in Bhutan, Tibetan warriors, dancers and such other, is on the edge of extinction.

Caught by its tail, every pair you wear will fuel its revival. Each pair of boots takes approximately 15 days to make, by two artisans working tirelessly for 10 hours a day.

handspun premium cashmere
handknit cashmere beanies
vegan silk stoles
pure cotton sarongs


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