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Ladakhi Thigma (Tie & Dye) Moccasins/Pabus, Hand-stitched in Pure Sheep Wool


Turned-up just to make a statement, these traditional moccasins are hand stitched and hand dyed in recycled woollen uppers that will make everyone else drool. Be different not just for your style, but your care and concern for a better world. Step out. Carbon free.

Situated within the folds of the Karakoram mountains lies this extremely stark and cold trans-Himalayan desert of Ladakh, the hub of a bustling caravan trade between Kashmir, Tibet and Central Asia during the 17-19th century. Frozen in time, the sparse people of Ladakh huddle up at temperatures below -35 C (- 31 F) for almost 8 months of the year sustaining themselves by creating the magic of their hands, down generations. What you find here, you wont find anywhere else in the world!

Locally known as paabus paaboos, these unique warm moccasins are ingeniously hand tie-resist-dyed (Thigma), hand stitched with recycled woolen blankets and some have soles layered with recycled tire tubes. All natural, eco friendly and carbon neutral as no powered machines are used towards their creation.

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