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Warm Moccasins       hand stitched in upcycled pure wool

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Locally known as paabus paa’boos, these unisex warm moccasins are ingeniously hand tie-resist-dyed (Thigma) and then hand stitched with recycled woollen blanket uppers and some with soles of recycled bicycle tire tubes.Frozen in time, the sparse people of Ladakh huddle up at temperatures below -31°F (-35°C) for almost 8 months of the year sustaining themselves by creating the magic of their hands.


For those who dare to carry-off an ethical, re-cycling revolution - make your statement and lead the world, the frozen hands of the nomads of Ladakh will be on fire! Gracious you. Made from pure, natural, handspun wool, fabric and felt; using varied stitching techniques such as appliqué, coiling and braiding, the nomads of Changthang Valley hand make paabus that are flat toed and decorated with embroidery at the joineries, with strips of leather and nambu (hand woven woollen fabric).


The Kir-paabus are a variation, usually round toed, made in the Nubra valley region of north eastern Ladakh, skilled in the use of handspun goat hair and sheep wool. et another type which is pointed at the toe is known as Thigma-paabu after the thigma (tie-resist-dyed wool fabric).

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