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Indigenous fashion         vegan fashion

From one millennium to another if there are any who have held on to tradition and heritage, it really is the tribal’s.


Anchored deep into their natural habitat they unwaveringly sustained local art and craft down generations. With more than 100 million tribal’s across India, the mosaic of their creation find expressions in cottons, silks, tussah, wool et al.


With the ingenuity of tie-resist-dye, hand paint, block print, needle work and such other, from Mahdubani to Tanjore, Kotpad, Gota, Chicken, the artistry is acutely distinctive and classic in its rendition.


All natural, vegan fashion, hand spun by passion artisans with love, each piece exclusive, as its just one of its kind!


Stun the world with what you wear and your penchant to make the world a better place for all.

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