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Hand Painted (Sketched by Pen),Kalamkari, Pure Cotton Chanderi Hangovers


Hand loomed and then hand sketched with a narrative of a mythological story, Kalam'Kari (Literally means Pen'workmanship). This exclusive skill remains with a handful of Master Artists who excel in this form of painting on large pieces of fabric, down generations. Each piece is unique and individualistic, as the same artwork cannot be replicated. Limited edition for connoisseurs of art and compassion for those tireless artisans who continue a tradition against all odds. Perhaps the most rare of all gifts that you could give yourself, or someone you love.

Kalamkari (kalumkaari) is an art form of hand painting or block printing normally on cotton fabrics using only vegetable dyes and natural colors. The origins of this creation can be traced back 500 odd years during the Mughal era, specifically from the state of Andhra in south India. Also known as Qalamkari meaning made with a pen, the word originates from the Persian word kalam - pen and kari - workmanship. The artists use natural colors extracted from barks, flowers and roots of plants. In fact, the red color is extracted from the Indian madder root, yellow from pomegranate seeds or even mango bark.

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