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Pure Sheep Wool Up-turned, Thigma Jax


Handmade, warm sheep wool button-up (jax) that look cool and chic on casual-casuals or smart casuals. Hand stitched and hand dyed in the traditional tie-resist-dye thigma technique unique to the region of Ladakh in Kashmir. Rare to find, as the tradition of hand making these thigma woolen fabrics is dying. All made in natural dyes, each piece is ecologically aligned and carbon neutral.

Thigma, the local term for resist-dyeing on woollen cloth is a derivative of the word thitoo. Practised largely in the Nubra valley region, this technique involves pinching parts of the cloth and tightly binding them with thread. The cloth is then dyed in natural colors made of apple bark and onion peels (for light browns), soot (for light grey), a root known as chutza (for yellow) and yet another root called chzot (for pink). When the ties are finally removed, they reveal a pattern created by the folds of the cloth called Thigma.

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