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Sacred Rudraksha Bead


This rudraksha bead comes from one specific tree that was planted and is tended to, in the most sacred environs of a spiritual haven where mantra repetition and chanting, amongst other sacred rituals have been practised on a continuum, over decades. Its purity and sacred energy is invaluable. Blessed are the few, who may hold this bead in reverence.

This bead is the seed of the Rudraksha fruit (also known as blueberry beads) obtained from Rudraksha trees that grow in the lower Himalayan region, Indonesia as well as Hawaii. Different qualities are attributed to the rudraksha based on the number of grooves, or faces that it has. A rudraksha with five divisions is considered to be symbolic of the five faces of Lord Shiva. A common belief was that Sadhus or Yogis (mendicants) living in forests would have to resort to naturally available water sources and upon holding the rudraksha above the water it would rotate clockwise

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