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Aloe vera Herb Organic Cotton, Face Mask


In our ever growing polluted world there is a trend to protect ourselves while travelling or in circumstances of possible infection. Unlike face masks made by machine which themselves are necessarily infused with chemicals, this handmade aloe vera face mask is not only organic and toxin free, it protects while adding value to your well being. It prevents the growth of disease causing micro-organisms and acts as a team to provide anti-microbial activity, thus eliminating many internal and external infections. Active against bacteria it also helps to treat fungal and viral infections. Refer chart on herbs and their key health benefits. CLICK TO CHART

Based on the ancient science of natural healing, ayurveda (aayooraveda), a 5000 year old system of medicine, is this revolutionary healing fabric Ayurvastra, for the wellbeing of those who wear them. Derived from Sanskrit, the word ayur stands for life/longevity/health and vastra for clothing, translated therefore, ayurvastra stands for clothing for life, longevity and healing. Pure organic cottons and silks are hand loomed and then hand dyed with natural herbs that not only leave their pure natural colors but act as healing agents, specifically for skin, joint and respiratory conditions. 100% organic, chemical free and biodegradable these eco friendly ayurvastra fabrics are made by a secluded community of highly learned weavers where organic herbs are tended to, in their own botanical gardens and the entire process from organic handlooms to blending and dyeing are undertaken under close supervision. Our skin, the single largest organ of the body not only protects but also absorbs substances that it connects with. In as much as it absorbs all the chemicals and toxins from conventional clothing, it also has the ability to absorb the healing properties of the herbs infused in ayurvastra fabrics that helps eliminate body toxins and enhances metabolism. While ayurvastra may be worn merely as a healthier option, it has also proven to provide relief in cases of eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. In fact, research has shown that almost 600-800 grams of chemicals are silently absorbed by our bodies each year, just by wearing regular machine made fabrics that use chemically infused color dyes and processeslet aside the eternal damage to our ecological balance by such heavy pollutant industries. Not surprising therefore that more than 2/3rds of the world suffers from some form of skin ailment or still worse, diseases such as asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, or even forms of cancer! Herbs and their healing properties along with images

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