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Dhokra Crescent Necklace in Recycled Copper & Brass


The lost wax work or Dhokra and its creative expressions have mesmerized people down centuries. Living on the edge of extinction, a highly skilled lot continue this tradition, creating the magic with their hands. What you see here, you won't find elsewhere in the world. All natural, biodegradable and eco friendly...for the love of our planet.

Upon smelting metal scrap the artisans make a clay core which resembles the imagined end product. The core is then wrapped with thin threads drawn from bees wax and blended with resin, extracted from the sal tree (Shorea robusta). This is coated again with clay to form the positive mold. On firing the mold, the wax melts and in its place the molten metal is cast leaving its unique threaded appearance. In the boon docks somewhere, near a village called Pipli in Odisha, this tribal community of less than 15 families harness their creative skills to create the splendour of their passion. Living hand to mouth, all they do is this, waiting for someone to find them. Pick one of them, if not for anything else, for the love of their passionate labour; it would make them live another day.

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