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Handmade Jogia Sarangi, Rajasthani String Instrument in Natural Wood


This bow instrument is made by a small and depleting community of travelling musicians from Rajasthan. Performers, players, makers, all rolled in one.

The Jogia Sarangi known for its uncanny capacity to imitate the human voice and intensity of emotional expression, has been the main stay of varied music recitals across time. In fact, in the words of Late Sir Yehudi Menuhin (American born violinist and conductor): The sarangi remains not only the authentic and original Indian bow stringed instrument, but the one which expresses the very soul of Indian feeling and thought.

The last of the few traditional sarangis that remain could be yours, to uphold the history of music. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & LEARN

Indias musical tradition dates back to the Indus valley civilization, around 3000 BC and one can trace its representation in the Vedas (ancient scriptures) referred to as sangeet sungeet - the three art forms of vocal, instrumental and dance, where taal (rhythm) and raag (melody) remain to this day the very essence of music and instrumentation. In fact, way back between 200 BC and 200 AD an ancient system natya shastra written by the sage Bharat Muni classified musical instruments into the categories of string, wind and percussion.

Varied instrumentation forms evolved across India thereafter, with their own traditional renditions and like the artist and artisan, are on the verge of final extinction. While these unusual instruments are playable, they come in their original semi crude form, just the way they have been turned by hand in villages, for village festivals over centuries.

Your hand may help revive and perhaps sustain the very birth of music.

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vegan silk stoles
pure cotton sarongs


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