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Handturned Five Metal Vaastu Lamp. Cleansing, Energy Balancing And Uplifting


Much like the pyramids and the mystery that shrouds the power of their inner spaces, the science of Vaastu is an ancient system that aligns positive energies of nature and restoresbalance between the built space (microcosm) and the cosmos (macrocosm), thereby building harmony, health and prosperity.

Evolved between 6000 - 3000 BCE it spread across Asia, China and Japan and claims the basis on which Feng Shui originated, some 3000 years later.

This vaastu lamp is created on the principles of vaastu shastra (sacred texts) and has proven over time to provide the desired energy shift and positive change in the dwellingand its occupants, subject to its appropriate placement, ritualistic usage with reverence and belief. It claims to bring about positive shifts virtually immediately as itcleanses the space of the entire dwelling.

Handmade by artisans specifically crafting vaastu lamps, this 5 metal sacred lamp can help bring about a radical shift in virtually every aspect of your being.

Made of 5 metals, the vaastu lamp invokes the blessings of the 5 elements.As per the shilpa shastra, an ancient Sanskrit text, the alloy of five metals consisting of gold, silver, copper, iron andzinc was considered the most sacred and brought balance in life, peace of mind, self confidence, good health and prosperity to those who placed it in their dwelling space.

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