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Pure Cotton, Tie & Dye Ikkat Woven Hangovers


Designed and created in the ikat* weaving process which dates back a 1000 years and more, what you may adorn will remain priceless. * Ikat is one of the most ancient techniques of dyeing fabrics. The term ikat is derived from the Malay word mengikat, that is, to tie or bind. Amongst others in India, Odisha Ikat is a master craft and comes in three forms: 1. Single Ikat, a process in which either the threads of the warp or the weft are dyed. 2. Combined Ikat, the warp and weft threads are used together. 3. Double Ikat, both warp and weft threads are tied together with great dexterity and creative brilliance, resulting in the emergence of a merged motif or pattern. Toss it across your back and let it hangover your shoulders. Just fun draping it any which ways, on casuals or formals. Be who you are

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