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Sacred Incense Sticks Agarwood, Natural and Handmade


Specially hand rolled by a small community of spiritual seekers (YOGA students) chanting the Lord's name, is an array of original pure and natural mild fragrances, to purify and invoke the grace of your beloved, in your sacred space at home or work. Amongst many, no day begins without the lighting of incense, in gratitude of the new dawn and a day filled with enthusiasm.

Select any 3 sacred fragrances (20 sticks per pack), which come with a brass-inlayed incense holder from the following ensemble of 9 fragrances with their respective significance: 1. Amber - heightens the experience of knowledge 2. Cedarwood - provides strength and power 3. Nepal Musk - restores balance by realigning one's energies 4. Myrrh - an incense of purification 5. Naagchampa - ideal for meditation and seeking spiritual enlightenment 6. Rose - invokes love 7. Sandalwood - purification and sanctification 8. Agarwood - heals and cleanses 9. Kesar Chandan - cooling and earthy

The use of incense dates back in timelessness and to this day is revered by virtually all communities of the world to purify and invoke in prayer and meditation. Be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity or even Islam, each attach great significance to the presence of incense in their ceremonies and rituals. Incense is also understood to represent the 5 elements and is used for purification of spaces, it therefore is essential for it to be pure and natural.

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