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Tassled Pure Cotton Naga Hangovers


Toss it across your back and let it hangover your shoulders. Just fun draping it any which ways, on casuals or formals. Be who you arecool, chic and haute. Snuggle into them by yourself or with a friend, if you so like. Hand stitched in pure cotton, made piece by individual piece, so no other, can be like you. Eco friendly and carbon neutral, this traditional collection is of tribals from Nagaland in Eastern India, where finishing just one hangover takes over 6-8 weeks.

The Nagas prefer loin-loom weaving, strapped to the back of the weaver, the end of which is tied to a bamboo stake or a peg on the wall, the weavers use simple bamboo containers for keeping the bobbins, while polished bamboo sticks are used to separate the warp threads. Bamboo needles carry extra wefts, by which the designs are woven. Weaving in Nagaland, unlike other parts of India is the monopoly of women. These unique Naga hangovers are usually woven in pure cotton which is cultivated widely in the villages of this region and is perhaps the most significant element of their dressing. Every major tribe of Nagaland has its own style of design and color and is usually made-up of three pieces of cloth, woven separately and stitched together. The central stripe is more decorative than the other two, which generally have more or less the same pattern.

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